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You can go through the by dialing the helpline number of Hawaiian Airlines for your seat selection - 1800 955 912 or 1-860-845-0471. You will get an instant response.

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Everyone likes travelling. Seat selection plays an important role in making your travel fully enjoyable. Hawaiian Airlines provides you with the facility to change seats and can choose according to your preference. You have to use the offer of Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection.   

You just need to know about the details of Hawaiian Airlines Change Seats and the Policy. Let's know -


What is Hawaiian Airlines' seat selection Policy?

1. If you are thinking of flying with Hawaiian Airlines, you may be thinking about how to select a seat on their flight. The preparation for Hawaiian Airlines seat selection is moderately clear, and there are a few diverse choices accessible to you.

2. One way to select a seat is to do so when you book your flight. When you book your ticket online or through the Hawaiian Airlines customer service center, you will have the opportunity to select your seat. Select the seat you need from the seating chart, and it will be saved for you.

3. If you favor, you can moreover select your seat when you check in for your flight. When you check in online or at the airport, you will be able to see the seating chart for your flight and select the seat that you need. You can too utilize the Hawaiian Airline portable app to check in and select your seat.

4. If you do not select your seat in progress, you will be doled out a seat at check-in. You may moreover be able to alter your seat after check-in if seats are available.

5. In addition to choosing a seat in progress, Hawaiian Airlines too offers a few options for travelers who need to overhaul their seating encounters. If you need more legroom or a seat with additional conveniences, you can buy a premium seat or overhaul to a business or begin with a first-class seat. These options are accessible for an extra expense and are subject to availability.

 How to Select Your Seat on Hawaiian Airlines?

 You will see so many different methods that will help you in the Hawaiian Airlines seat assignment

Here are the methods mentioned with the steps. 

By website -

You can visit the official website of Hawaiian Airlines for Hawaiian Airlines seat assignments - or 

By dialing

You can go through the by dialing the helpline number of Hawaiian Airlines for your seat selection - 1800 955 912 or 1-860-845-0471. You will get an instant response. 

By social media 

Social media will help as your expectation you will get the response. Hawaiian Airlines is also available on social media you can find the pages of the Airline. Links are also mentioned for your convenience.

Instagram -

Facebook -

Linked in -

Twitter -

These are the links through which you can apply for Hawaiian Airlines seat assignment withHawaiian Airlines.

How can you do Hawaiian Airlines' main cabin basic seat selection? 

Once more, it depends upon the tickets you've acquired with the airline. The Hawaiian air seat selection policy has diverse arrangements of action for check-in seat assignments and booking ticket seat arrangements.

• Basic Cabin Fundamental: Seat selection Hawaiian isn't a choice for these tickets. Be that as it may, when they check in 24 hours sometime recently the flight takeoff, they can choose the accessible seats.

Hawaiian Airlines won't charge its travelers for selecting a seat from the accessible seats after check-in. So, choose a seat from accessible seats for free!

• Premium fare Bookings: Travelers who purchase, to begin with, first class, some more comfort, fundamental cabin favored, or primary cabin tickets can save a seat while obtaining their tickets online. So, there isn't a confinement for picking a seat.

However, premium ticket buyers have to pay a charge depending on which seat they lean toward for flying. If the seat isn't designated, Hawaiian Airlines will return this amount.


To sum up, Hawaiian Airlines offers various methods for seat selection, allowing passengers flexibility in choosing their preferred seats. Whether booking online, through customer service, or via the mobile app, passengers can select seats in advance or during check-in. Premium seating options are available for those seeking extra comfort, albeit at an additional cost. Additionally, passengers with Basic Cabin tickets can select seats after check-in without extra charges. With these options and policies, Hawaiian Airlines aims to enhance the travel experience for all passengers, ensuring comfort and satisfaction throughout their journey.


1 How do I choose seats on Hawaiian Airlines?

   You have multiple options to select seats on Hawaiian Airlines. You can choose seats when booking your flight online or through customer service options, you can select seats during online or airport check-in. The Hawaiian Airlines mobile app also allows seat selection. Additionally, premium seating options are available for those seeking extra comfort, albeit at an additional cost.

2. Can I select seats for free on Hawaiian Airlines?

   Passengers with Basic Cabin tickets can select seats for free after check-in, choosing from available seats. However, premium ticket holders, such as those in first class or other upgraded cabins, may need to pay an additional fee depending on their preferred seat selection.

3. What if I don't select a seat in advance?

 Sometimes it happens you may forget then If you don't select a seat in advance, you will be assigned a seat at check-in. However, you may still have the opportunity to change your seat after check-in if seats are available.

4. How can I contact Hawaiian Airlines for seat selection assistance?

   You can contact Hawaiian Airlines seat selection assistance by dialing their helpline number at 1800 955 912. Additionally, you can reach out to them through their social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter for support with seat assignments. There are many options available for the passengers because  Hawaiian Airlines always tries to keep calm totheir passengers calm and provide satisfaction. 


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