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Bariatric surgery, sometimes termed as gastric bypass or weight loss surgery, is a medical

(TRAVPR.COM) UNITED STATES - April 23rd, 2014 - According to Obesity Action, WebMD, and a number of medical insurance providers, since the number of people, particularly in the US, interested in availing of insurance coverage abroad is rising in 2014, companies offering insurancefor travelers have included expenses for bariatric surgery as part of their coverage. While some consider the invasive and unorthodox procedure risky, a bunch of health and fitness enthusiasts, as well as leading medical professionals, have identified it as an effective solution for weight-related problems.

Bariatric surgery, sometimes termed as gastric bypass or weight loss surgery, is a medical procedure performed on people dealing with weight issues, particularly obesity. When incorporation of a balanced lifestyle, modification of diet, and regular exercise prove ineffective in treating relative problems, getting the operation is likely to be suggested by health professionals and nutritionists as an alternative.

The surgery, revealing numerous types including Adjustable Gastric Banding, Biliopancreatic Gastric Banding, Roux-en-Y Gastric Banding, and Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, may be the best option for obese cluster. With each type having its own set of pros and cons and surgical risks, a preferred approach is only determined depending on the level of obesity as well as the condition of the subject.

Good candidates for bariatric surgery include health and fitness enthusiasts, obese people, and those who have failed numerous times with their techniques for losing weight. Apart from the fact that it is meant to give them a hand with weight management, availing of the operation can help reduce the risk of development of health problems such as arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, sleep apnea, and type 2 diabetes.

Especially if these people insist that the standard of medical care given by health experts internationally is a notch higher than in their own locality, medical insurance providers may not refuse to give patients that have gotten approval for the weight loss surgery the due amount. Whether or not the expenses are more costly does not matter, so long as the coverage abides by the agreement prior to or during the official purchase of the insurance policy. In a way, they are privileged to seek the best treatment they know will further their progress for their weight loss and health objectives.

With bariatric surgery being an operation that puts patients’ safety at risk, thorough screening of applicants is usually conducted. In some instances, among the screening requirements include how much the travel insurance covers. Say a specified amount for the weight loss treatment was set and the insurance coverage has not reached that figure, the subject will either be denied approval of the medical operation or he will have to find another source of funding for the additional fees.

Even after subjects have qualified as bariatric surgery candidates, meticulous evaluation still follows prior to the finalization made for the medical procedure. With the absence of pre-certified requirements, participation for gastric bypass may not be allowed. Since the possible reduction of mortality rate is a known threat, attending medical professionals are rather stern. Eating habits, family histories, and preferred lifestyles are among the factors that are checked.

Ideally, saving up for travel health insurance is a smart move but many are criticizing whether using it for bariatric surgery is justifiable. Since there are alternative and less expensive treatments for weight problems, the decision of getting it abroad may seem impractical. Although considering the fact that having insurance is a privilege, the subjects should avail of it if their attending medical professionals see fit.

Like with most medical procedures, there are risks, including post-operative ones, associated with the weight loss surgery. A few of these are allergic reactions, blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, infections, internal bleeding, and pulmonary embolisms. However, granted that the patients stick to a plan which includes a lifelong choice to practice a healthy lifestyle, the onset of a roster of complications can successfully be prevented.

In medical history, there have been times when the expenses for bariatric surgery are not covered by travel insurance. While others may reimburse for most medical charges, there are companies that are unwilling to extend fees for the particular operation. Hospitalization may be shouldered but if further investigations are conducted, the claim will be identified as invalid. Thus, it is a must to have insurance benefits fully verified before signing up for the medical procedure.

Since the weight loss treatment costs $25, 000 on average, it can be a huge investment. In most cases, upon realizing that they will not be backed by travel insurance companies, subjects make a pass on the operation and consider alternatives instead. However, so long as bariatric surgery is among the listed medical insurance coverage of an insurance provider, worrying about the finances may be unnecessary.

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One of the trusted medical insurance providers is Traveler Friendly Insurance. As an affiliate of International Medical Group (IMG), it has provided outstanding insurance services to individuals, families, and groups, particularly to students and professionals. Should they intend to undergo bariatric surgery or other weight loss measures and other types of medical procedures while in other places, they may just get savings with the assistance of the company.

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