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Industry: Destinations adds 8 cities to its empirical rankings of 20 beautiful cities on 6 continents.

(TRAVPR.COM) UNITED STATES - October 6th, 2014 - (, which has analyzed and mapped hundreds of beautiful sites in cities around the world, is continually expanding the number of cities featured at the website.  Eight cities have recently been added, bringing the total to 20 cities on 6 continents.’s unique, empirically-based Cities Beautiful Index (CBI) has also been recalculated for all 20 cities. Each city’s CBI derives from 15 sub-component scores (the “Beautiful Facets” described below).  The higher a city’s CBI score, the more likely that the city will be called beautiful by a random sample of people.  Paris ranked highest with a CBI of 64.1, followed by Washington D.C. with 62.6, and so on:

         Paris (64.1)

         Washington D.C.  (62.6)

Tie -   San Francisco (62.1), Istanbul (62.1), Kyoto (62.1)

         Buenos Aires (57.4)

Tie -   Rome (55.4), Amsterdam (55.4)

         St. Petersburg (54.9)

         Barcelona (54.4)

Tie -   Budapest (53.3), Cape Town (53.3)

Tie -   Vancouver (52.8), Hong Kong (52.8), Athens (52.8)  

         Rio de Janeiro (51.3)

         Sydney (50.3)

Tie -   Jerusalem (49.2), Jaipur (49.2)

         Fez (44.1)


A free e-book at the webpage’s Details tab explains the CBI ranking methodology and specific calculations for all 20 cities.

ABOUT CITIESBEAUTIFUL.ORG promotes the appreciation of cities around the world. Website visitors learn a 15 term vocabulary describing beautiful urban places, collectively known as Beautiful Facets ( The 15 Beautiful Facets derive from “common threads” in the theories on beauty put forth by famous commentators from Ancient Greek times to the present.

Since “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, all of us will have our favorites among the 15 Beautiful Facets.  Website visitors can determine their favorite Facets by answering a series of multiple-choice psychometric questions (, somewhat like an occupational aptitude test.  Their answers are automatically analyzed and their preferences ranked.With their preferences identified among the 15 Beautiful Facets, visitor can enjoy prioritized beautiful experiences in cities worldwide. Visitors can travel virtually at, or put together a list of must-see places for future travels. 

The website contains a considerable amount of additional content.  Supplementing the CBI methodology, the free e-book at the Details ( tab contains: the derivation of the 15 common threads a.k.a. Beautiful Facets; brief biographies on 40 of the most important aesthetic philosophers, architects, city planners, and behavioral psychologists over the last 2,600 years; and much more! 


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