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ChoChoGREEN Gallery Tea Art Work

Located in the center of Bangkok, ChoChoGreen Gallery holds the exhibition entitled as “Moon Watching Tea Party” featuring Loy Krathong festival with the artist Fumie Mune's over 50 artworks runs from Oct 15th until 30th November for Free Admission.

The gallery grants opportunities for tourists to fully experience the essence of the Loy Krathong festival by participating in art pieces such as 5 different kinds of “Wish Tea Huts” in variety of sizes and styles with 5 different kinds of participatory art “Moon Watching Tea Parties”, and with more artworks themed full moon and light bubbles which are reminiscent of the evening of Loy Krathong.

(TRAVPR.COM) THAILAND - September 18th, 2015 - On coming 25th November, Loy Krathong Festival which attracts millions of tourists from overseas every year, will be held in Thailand.  Loy Krathong Festival is known as the most romantic festival in Asia as it is said that the famous scenes in Disney's picture "Tangled" were inspired by this festival.  In the evening of Loy Krathong, held on full moon night in November, people come together to launch small candle lit craft (Krathong) in lakes and rivers, and floating lanterns into the sky.

ChoChoGreen Gallery is a very rare house style gallery in Bangkok with advanced global visions. This year, 2015 is the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and also the 40th anniversary of the end of Vietnam War.  For commemorating this important historical juncture, ChoChoGreen Gallery holds the special exhibition to invite people to attend the Tea party of art and prayer to bring insight of inner and world peace.

There will be three categories of art pieces in the exhibition during the period.  One category is a series of Zen Kodo mat drawing pieces which is Zen art in practical use for yoga and meditation.  Visitors are able to experience Loy Krathong in a very meditative way, because full moon (which is an object to pray), light bubbles (which are reminiscent of the lanterns in the evening of Loy Krathong) and more are drawn on the Zen Kodo mats.      

The second category is Tea art. Visitors are able to experience the traditional Japanese aesthetic of “Moon watching Tea party” with Thai herbal tea served for each person (donation basis). The participants will be served not only tea, but also living herbs and flowers with rich scent. There will be 5 different kinds of “Wish Tea Huts” in variety of sizes and styles.

The third category is participatory art for visitors to participate in the growing process of art pieces.  All visitors are invited for tea parties, and actually experience the essence of true Japanese Tea ceremony. Moreover, in this exhibition, each visitor can make a wish and draw it with Japanese style brush and Sumi ink on a bamboo card.  All bamboo cards with wishes put in the lantern by visitors at the gallery will be launch in a river on the evening of Loy Krathong: 25th November.  The whole process of the evening will be video recorded and will be emailed to each participant.  Therefore, even after away from Thailand, participants will be able to keep fully take part in the festival. 

In conclusion, by visiting ChoChoGreen gallery in this historical anniversary year of 2015, will bring tourists a lifetime memory full of awareness and peacefulness.

For more info and pictures of art works and gallery, please visit  or contact

"About Fumie Mune"

Fumie Mune, is a Zen artist as well as the founder of Herb yoga which is a stream of yoga practiced widely in Japan. Fumie Mune uses her deep understanding of Japanese Zen art to integrate her perception of body, life and world into one structure. Mune creates yoga-meditation tools for new era and her artworks to bring about revolution in the mass consumption society.

Mune also challenges the divide between art pieces and practical goods, because she points out the unspoken premise in Zen that all Zen art pieces such as Zen garden, Zen calligraphy, Zen drawing have been made for practical use to deepen one’s meditation and spirituality.

Following the Zen tradition, Mune’s Zen art pieces are made to practical use so that one can absorb the essence of her art with 6 senses.

“About ChoChoGreen Gallery”

ChoChoGreen Gallery, also known as Zen Kodo Mat Gallery one of the newest galleries in Bangkok, Thailand, founded by Fumie & Kentaro Mune. Theme of the gallery is “art and meditation”.

The entire 5 floors of townhouse is opened for Zen Arts Yoga & meditation mat Gallery. Visitors can experience a fusion of True Zen Art brought from Japan and spirit of yoga with five senses which undoubtedly will give them a moment full of inspirations and healing in the corner of this hectic city.  

In the gallery, visitors can watch, touch, and actually smell the mat all dyed and drawn art with natural herbs.  They can also experience meditation actually on Zen Kodo mats with Zen artworks, all of which are created by Fumie Mune.

For more info and pictures of art works and gallery, please visit  or contact

Fumie Mune

ChoChoGREEN Gallery 59-1 Classic home, Thonglor 25, Soi Thonglor, Bangkok, Thailand


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Name: Fumie Mune
Company: ChoChoGreen Gallery
Phone: 819080036124
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