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Airlines can tap into guaranteed profits from 3rd party ancillaries that enrich the passenger’s travel experience before, during and after their trip using Epteca’s ‘smart-selling’ technology

(TRAVPR.COM) SWITZERLAND - October 20th, 2015 - Attendees at the 2015 Innovation Summit Mega Event will be introduced to Epteca’s unique ‘smart-selling’ marketplace platform, which enables brands worldwide to increase revenue while serving customers needs with the industry’s most unique contextual marketing platform. The company CEO and co-founder Bojan Jokic will be presenting their technology during the event’s showcase of new products and services to  industry executives. 

“Our team at Epteca is looking forward to sharing the exciting things we're doing,” said Bojan. “Long tail ancillaries represent a $280 Billion USD opportunity in travel and airlines need to present new offerings that are different from the dreaded fees for checked baggage, seating, or in-flight meals. The difficulty for airlines, or any other travel industry sector, is to determine the context of each traveler and identify what to offer and when from the very fragmented network of products and vendors.  Also, most airlines don’t have the technology, processes, knowledge or focus as 3rd party ancillaries just aren’t their core business. At Epteca, we are approaching ancillary revenue in a very distinctive way that provides added value to the consumer, and increased revenue to the partner and advertiser.”

Born out of a desire to rid the world of irrelevant content by curating relevant products and services to enhance the customer journey, Epteca's results show they’re already delivering outstanding results and value. Using sophisticated algorithms based on more than 34 unique parameters, Epteca can determine the the right context and the unique intent of customers.

Using personalized concierge-style communications, the platform is able to present valued information and offers tailored to satisfy the individual needs of customers when they are mostly likely to need and purchase them. With an average click through rate of over 24%, Epteca outmatches every other advertising platform or recommender system on the market. The company even guarantees to airlines and travel companies that their solution will increase revenues from travel related retail merchandising without any extra effort or investment. 

The Loyalty, Ancillary & Co-Brand Conferences Mega Event takes place November 3rd to 5th in San Diego, CA and will bring together industry stakeholders responsible for Loyalty, Ancillary Revenue Generation & Merchandising, as well as Co-Brand Cards to discuss the latest trends, best practices, actionable strategies and insights.

Visit to request a meeting at the Mega Event or to schedule a demo to learn more about how Epteca’s solution.

About Epteca (

By collectively building a Marketplace Ecosystem that brings together travel companies, suppliers of goods and services and customers, Epteca’s innovative platform creates new revenue opportunities and enhances the customer experience in all the phases of their journey. Using profile data and predictive algorithms that match context and intent, Epteca can accurately anticipate not only what customers require, but also what they are likely to want, need or do during their trip. This allows for ‘smart-selling and marketing’ that taps into key sales points at the time when purchases are most likely to occur, to dramatically increase profits and create a positive brand relationship. Epteca delivers the right offering, presented to the right customer, at the right place and the right time, to sell more stuff - guaranteed.


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Name: Bojan Jokic
Company: Epteca
Phone: 41 41 501 4306
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