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USA Team set to Defend their Crown

(TRAVPR.COM) US - April 11th, 2017 - Los Angeles, USA – San Francisco will be the starting point Friday for Teams competing in the 13th annual edition of the of the around-the-world adventure competition—the world travel championship—known as The Global Scavenger Hunt.

The international course has been set, and Team Lawyers without Borders, a man and women team from Houston, TX, the 2016 event winners and holders of "The World’s Greatest Travelers" title, will be defending their crown against a field of 10 Teams competing in the 2017 annual event. They will assemble in San Francisco on Friday, April 14 for the first time with passports in hand and ready to go. All the teams will then begin their Blind Date with the World™ —a blind date because the ten countries they will be visiting while circumnavigating the globe over the next three weeks, is Top Secret!

"Our cultural immersion requires Teams to ask questions and be active participants in unique local cultural activities—we call it site-doing. It is about getting them engaged in the truly human connections of travel," says William D. Chalmers, author and Event Director (who himself was knighted as the "World’s Greatest Traveler" by National Geographic Traveler magazine in 2002); "It is from those authentic personal interactions and participatory experiences that we all grow as people—and travelers. That’s what The Global Scavenger Hunt is all about: traveling the world, having your Travel IQ tested and trusting strangers in strange lands. It is indeed the world championship of travel."
After conducting an orientation scavenger hunt in San Francisco on Saturday, the event will then take teams on a three-week and thrill-packed around the world adventure. The two-person Teams, limited to using only public modes of transportation in their still secret global destinations, solving clues, answering cryptic questions and uncovering exotic scavenges in this around-the-world competition and global scavenger hunt travel adventure are vying for the 13th edition of The World’s Greatest Travelers title. Between April 14 and May 6, Teams will travel from San Francisco to New York City – the long way – and completing scavenges in ten nations. Scavenges could include:

          •  Visiting Tiger Temple along the Myanmar-Thai border;
          •  Donating their time and energy at a Tibetan refugee camp in Nepal;
          •  Locating the coliseum Gladiators was filmed at in North Africa;
          •  Singing “Born to be Wild” in a karaoke bar with three new friends in Osaka;
          •  Making a mock art critic video about Edvard Munch’s The Scream in Oslo; or
          •  Playing Taxi Cab Roulette and eating at their drivers favorite family-style restaurant!

Like Indiana Jones (and Janes) hot on the path of the Holy Grail, the event adventurers will ride elephants to sacred temples, jostle atop camels around the world wonders, haggle in ancient souks, take part in bizarre festivals, and, in between the escalating daily thrills, catch their fair share of glorious sunsets and memorable local feasts.  Everyone will be following the race live on GlobalScavengerHunt.comwebsite 2017 Event Blog.

The annual world travel championship event would also like to thank all official gear suppliers of The World’s Greatest Travelers™ for 2017, including: Eagle Creek, Columbia, ICONSPEAK, Cabeau, VELCRO® and Discovery Trekking Outfitters. Thank you all!

Teams competing in this 13th edition of the world travel championship will be helping to raise money for ongoing humanitarian causes. Previous events helped fund co-ed elementary schools in Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Niger, India and Ecuador, as well as supported KIVA, Free the Children, among others.


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