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International Indian Wellness Medical Tourism Association

(TRAVPR.COM) DELHI - April 22nd, 2018 -

The IIWMTA or The International Indian Wellness and Medical Tourism Association is the newest sibling of the IIMTC or International India Medical Tourism Congress. IIWMTA has been developed to function as the managing and organizing body of the IIMTC.

IIWMTA was the result of coming together of a group of doctors and other healthcare service providers, with the same visionary, who felt the need to sort out and organize the segment of Medical Tourism in India.

India has been fast developing and emerging with the newer set of infrastructure, facilities, private hospitals and wellness centers, newer modalities of treatment and promising physicians and health caregivers, all of which, looks very promising and is potentially capable of making the country the preferred choice of medical tourism destination in the upcoming years.

Goals and visions


IIWMTA works forward with the vision of taking medical tourism in India on a global platform and to promote, propagate and sustain it there. It involves a full grown planning of an all inclusive service package, future targets and agendas keeping in mind the demands and wellness of the common people and setting a benchmark standard for medical tourism in India.


Medical Tourism has been on the rise with better healthcare facilities and specific treatment techniques, modalities, better-equipped hospitals and healthcare centers being flocked in specific areas which are the targeted by patients to avail the best quality of treatment and facilities. Medical tourism is not just about seeking the best possible healthcare or treatment for the patient, but also involves a host of other factors which are involved pre and post-treatment and an overall well-being of the patient and the families. With the advancement of technology, these facilities have sure been made easily accessible at the fingertips but this being a fairly new genre, getting misguided could be as common a problem. A thorough understanding of the functioning and a proper medical tourism guide is thus quite essential.

The IIWMTA primarily focuses on:

  • Adequate availability of esteemed physicians and other healthcare personnel

  • Advanced technology in treatment procedures

  • Government support and aid in the entire procedure to offer the package of services at the best possible price with adequate facilities

  • Increased participation and interest of people and expansion in newer arenas both genre-wise and geographically, nation-wide and abroad.

  1. Transparent dealings

With the globalization of health tourism and travel for medical care, the options at hand are also increasing and the organization aims at providing quality health care services at the best price by maintaining transparency of dealings, in terms of pricing, by providing adequate costing break-ups, vivid details, and comparisons, time to explain queries. Technology, information, communication, physicians, patients are exchanged on a common platform thus enhancing an all-inclusive experience which fosters the faith of the patient to take the decision of overseas travel for treatment or maintenance. The quality of care is also being looked into which opens up newer areas of exploration and further availability of options on the global platform.

  1. Incentive programs

Extra or additional is something that has always drawn the attention of humans. This is, in fact, one of the major decision making factors for the patient and their families when it comes to zeroing down on medical tourism. The organization with the most lucrative offers is almost always given an upper edge unless there is a gross disadvantage elsewhere in the package. Incentives like additional discounts,  not having to wait in a queue, faster referrals, access to the best panel of physicians, options of second opinions, travel allowances etcetera make it more lucrative and help if building the greater foundation with the client and patient.

  1. Omitting  handling and processing charges

This is a noteworthy service that makes this organization unique. Often a significant chunk of the amount paid as a part of the treatment package goes into processing and handling of the fee, international transfers, service charges etc. All of these varies with the different policies prevailing in the country. With the Government's support at hand, these issues can be resolved and provide the patient with a robust package.

  1. Holistic approach

An integration of travel, stay, treatment, extra facilities, emergency services, and every other aspect connected with the travel for treatment is essential to give the patient hope and confidence to take up the travel and pursue the treatment of choice which at many a time could be a life-saving situation.

Arrangements are made for prior appointments, a list of hospitals and wellness centres to choose from, selection of treatment options, affordable places to stay at minimal rates for the family of the patient or those accompanying, added facilities like airport pick-ups and dropping, wheel-chair or ambulatory facility, translators and any basic assistance required in the foreign land. Overall, packages are all-inclusive looking into the A-Z of the travel.

The travel expenditure is not included in the package, i.e. only the airline fare is exclusive. However, tie-ups are made and special arrangements are there to get the bookings done through the organization. Discounts, vouchers, and coupons on the airline fares are also available on and off, which come complimentary with the packages.

  1. Wellness packages and destination tourism

More often than not, physical ailments are given greater priority over mental ailments. Rejuvenation and a positive change of environment are integral parts for sustaining optimum mental health. Also, in very tedious medical travel, involving multiple treatment procedures, extensive hospital and healthcare travel, a short break is always needed to break this much-required monotony. In fact, it predisposes to the general well being. These are offered as offers which are part of the health tourism package one opts for. The offers vary on the type of package based on other factors like costing, duration etc.

The destinations are usually proximally located to the preferred destination of treatment to obtain the maximum advantage in terms of time, money and satisfaction. These could be offered in between the treatment if there is a substantial time gap to be given in between or at the end of the treatment procedure.

  1. Post-operative care

These are more essentially concerned with massive surgical procedures undertaken which need a proper follow-up post operatively, so that patient's status can be assessed, the progress of treatment can be made and patient faces no unprecedented and avoidable problems once they return to their own homeland. That apart, post-operative care could also be extended to the aftermath of any treatment procedure, that requires follow-ups or counseling, discussions individual or a panel discussion so as to have a proper completion of the project undertaken.

They also provide the opportunity of taking a second opinion if the patient has any doubts about the treatment procedure. There is a host of physicians that the patient can approach for a second opinion.

  1. Education

There is no second thoughts about the fact that education is the key to better understanding and knowledge never goes to waste. There are many who aren't well versed with the idea of health travel or medical travel abroad which is gaining momentum recently in the positive light. There are prevailing myths which need to be burst and all of it can be attempted by taking the initiative to educate. It is not just the patient but any stakeholder in the entire ecosystem of medical tourism where education could help foster faith, do away with unnecessary beliefs, reduce fear and traumatic ideas of patients, bring forth better ideas, make people aware. IIWMTA ideally tries to do it by monthly journals, brochures, conferences, special seminars on prevailing issues, health tourism trade journal providing information to any individual who is affected by the globalization of healthcare and is takes interested in knowing.

What makes us unique?

All the members of IIWMTA agree on the fact that proper and effective communication is the key to sustaining any relationship whether professional or personal. It is a deciding factor of the success and how well an organization can sustain itself and stand the test of time. Special emphasis is paid to proper communication, officials who interact at any level with due empathy and respect ensuring positive responses from the patients. It often involves adding a personal touch, if needed to make the health travel and the entire experience memorable for the patient.

This apart, there is a great deal of emphasis given on the round the clock availability of staff and services. This definitely is a great boon in terms of emergency and also otherwise, reassuring the patient and their families of proper assistance at any hour.

Future prospects

IIWMTA hopes to take the banner of India at an International level, in the genre of Medical tourism in the days to come. They aim at expanding within the nation as well as overseas achieving better connectivity globally in terms of facilities and treatment modalities. The strive to serve as a voice for healing with the best possible options instead of simply manipulating business, to educate the mass, including patients, insurance agents, consultants, physicians over the world, about the growth of medical tourism and globalization of healthcare.


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