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Is the business owner decides a business is honest or not, not just sales

(TRAVPR.COM) CHINA - December 11th, 2020 - On October 10th, we made a talk with the founder MR Wang of a renowned solar energy company named Leeka corp in China on his year 2020 business reviews. he is a kind, amiable, honest gentleman with witty words. He said, “Even we make lesser money and no money, we will never cheat and trick our customers!”   

Mr wang founded the business after many years of hard work started from the technical instructor, engineer, sales manager to the founder of the Leeka Corp., when he was young he was a bit shy because he was not born from a wealthy family, he needs to start everything from the beginning while the child of rich had already gained everything through their fathers. 

When Mr. Wang was ten, he started to grown to be a very smart and cute child, a dazzling star of the child of the same generation, he refused all kinds of gifts given by his uncles, aunts and all relatives, strangers, he said:” I can’t take it free!” He believes all the gain must be achieved by his own honest hard work. His teacher said,” he is quite, different from others, not mischievous like other children, he is honest, never tell any lies!” His playmate said:” he always obeys his words, very upright with justice, when we planned to steal our neighbors’ watermelon, he always stopped us, never take a piece of the stolen watermelon even we pushed it to him.” 

The route to success is not flat, Mr. Wang has experienced all kinds of hardships to bring his business from small to big, Which made him very friendly to clients, amiable, patient, always keeping a low profile. A real to life story is that he once  had quoted price for the same client on the same item more than 10 times, the client still said his price was too high, and finally gave up turning to buy from competitors, which is a frustrating situation when you had spent a lot of time and effort but the client doesn’t buy your time, but two years later the client finally come back, he said the competitor’s price was much lower but the goods were actually rubbish, even he had bought on the lower price he actually had made no profit but lost due to compensation to his clients, so he started to purchase small quantity from Mr. Wang, about a year, he praised “ Leeka’s quality is very very great, I buy on higher price but made more profit!” 

Up until now, Leeka had become a globally recognized enterprise, a large manufacturer integrated with solar panel manufacturing, solar and led lights manufacturing, and also acquired a big factory of galvanized steel poles which could supply the needs of street lamp poles, power poles, and security camera poles. Mr. Wang said:” Green energy is the future, our products on one hand reduced global carbon emission, on the other hand, saved the money for the users!” 

Starting in 2020, witness the uncontrollable situation of the global Covid-19 pandemic, Mr. Wang resolutely invested 1.7billion to consolidate a mutually profitable partnership with the oldest face mask factory in Hubei, Xiantao to help the control of the global pandemic situation, he said:” I am so grieved to see so many people died, some people are even our best client’s friends, relatives, only we helped people across the globe removed COVID-19, can our solar panels, led lights, solar led lights and galvanized steel poles sell better!”


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