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HotelApp provides a means for end-to-end connectivity between the Hotel and its guests. The application would enable better customer support and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. It allows hoteliers to leverage clients' data and feedback to improve their facilities and services.

(TRAVPR.COM) INDIA - May 6th, 2021 - HotelApp – New Touch-less Guest Service App by International Travel Awards


International travel awards launch Touchless hospitality recovery campaign.

The hospitality industry is one of the hardest-hit industries due to the pandemic and consumers focusing more on safety measures. It has become a precedent that hotels have to focus more on providing their guests with touchless and contactless services, check-ins and check-outs, which will help them attract more guests to their hotels, giving them a sense of safety. 

Guests have a higher preference for touchless services. To provide the industry with such a solution, the International Travel Awards launched a contactless Mobile App for Hotels called the HotelApp. 

90days Free Trial

HotelApp allows the first 1000 Hotels globally to avail of this one-time opportunity of 90 days free trial of the product. The Hotels can avail of this opportunity by scheduling a demo with HotelApp through this link:


The HotelApp is priced at enabling hotels to use this one of its kind products at a low price. The HotelApp provides four different packages starting at as low as GBP 59. 

What is HotelApp?

HotelApp is a QR Code App for Hotels that enables guests to book various services in the hotel and access facilities provided by the Hotel during their stay. Everyone is looking for the best alternatives for a touchless interaction solution; HotelApp delivers the same to all the Hotels, which usually have a high physical contact rate.

The Touchless Dining feature enables users to place food orders at restaurants without using a physical menu. This feature provides options like dynamic pricing, customized menus, highlighting unique and signature dishes, and a scanned menu option. Another feature offered by this App for Hotel is the Digital Spa Menu.

 A hotel can avail of this great product under various subscription models starting from GBP 59 with no significant investment. Hotels can avail of the 3months free trial option to understand the product better.

Why is the Guest Service app essential?

According to research, 94% of guests' that visit hotels prefer to be aware of the various facilities, amenities and promotions provided by the Hotel. With 55% of guests choosing to stay in a hotel that offers a Guest Service App, it becomes evident that hotels need to adopt this new way of dealing with their guests'. 

Benefits of HotelApp for Hotels

·       Increased Sales

·       Improved Guest satisfaction

·       Touchless Guest Service

·       Social Media Engagement

·       Real-time feedback

·       Cut-down on orienting expenses

·       Dynamic Restaurant Menu

·       Food, Spa and Evets promotions

·       Digital Spa menu

·       Customized menus with the option of highlighting unique and signature dishes 

What can the guests' avail themselves of through the App?

  • Request Services likeà Room, Housekeeping and Front desk
  • Raise Complaints
  • Chat with the Hotel staff through WhatsApp
  • Give real-time review
  • Food ordering
  • View all the facilities provided by the Hotel
  • Access Spa and request booking
  • Book slots online for various activities
  • Avail promotions offered by the Hotel

How can Hotel control the App?

The Hotel will be given access to an app called the StaffApp, which is used by the hotel staff to:

  • Handle Requests for services
  • Handle complaints
  • Manage guest orders
  • Track all the guests' requests
  • Give instant response to guests'

Setup Process

The HotelApp will be set up within 3-5 working days, and the process is simple and easy. It does not require any installation as the Hotel will be provided with software for the App, which is 100% customizable as per the customer's choice. The process includes three steps:

  1. Hotels are provided with a 3month trial period where they will be provided with software called the management console where they are required to set up their hotel app, which is 100% customizable.
  2. Once the App is ready, Hotels' will be provided with the QR codes according to the number of restaurants and Spas. Then the Hotel is required to put up these QR codes at the reception, rooms, restaurants and Spas. 
  3. After setting up the QR codes, they are given access to the StaffApp to provide their customers with their touchless services.

How do guests' use the App?

  1. Guests' check in using the QR code placed at the reception and logins with the unique code, which will be generated once they check in.
  2. Guests' can easily view and access hotel facilities that are of interest to them
  3. Guests can access the App 24*7 and view all the additional amenities provided by the Hotel through the App
  4. Guests' can raise requests for the Hotel's various services and check-out from the Hotel using the App.

HotelApp provides a means for end-to-end connectivity between the Hotel and its guests. The application would enable better customer support and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. It allows hoteliers to leverage clients' data and feedback to improve their facilities and services. 

HotelApp aims to offer hotels a chance to change their whole customer experience. The hoteliers can manage their hotels and launch any promotions and activities in a couple of clicks.

Hoteliers can customize the application based on their needs and requirements. The option for customization would enable hotels to choose features that play to their strengths. Do you want to offer a safe & Hi-tech experience to your guests? if yes, then contact the HotelApp team at


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